About Us

Satellite Office provides offshoring solutions targeting Australian businesses on building their own dedicated teams in the Philippines. Satellite Office focuses on building and managing tailored solutions together with our commercial partner in the Philippines, with over 8 years of BPO industry experience.

Satellite Office offers a range of Service Options to cater for a client’s specific needs, with the most popular being the Full Service Model, including Serviced Offices, Staff Leasing and Support Services.

Founded by the former Managing Director of Centrebet and CEO of DealsDirect, the business has significant experience in offshoring, e-commerce, business restructuring and transformation, managing high growth initiatives and broad international experience. The Full Service Model results in significant cost savings of between $35,000 to $70,000 per person, depending on the role, with execution focused on making operational improvements, combined with maintaining control of your business and retaining your intellectual property.