Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with product owners, engineers and test colleagues to identify, develop and execute regression, system and integration tests for defined new or updated product features;
  • Automate as many functional and non-functional tests as possible using appropriate tools in order to embed speed and efficiency within the engineering process without compromising on quality;
  • Maintain the content and quality of the automation test suite to ensure maximum coverage when performing regression tests as part of a continuous integration process;
  • Collaborate with engineers and product owners notifying them of defects discovered and manage them through to resolution;
  • Produce test reports containing results in the appropriate level of detail for product owners to derive confidence of the quality of the delivery;
  • Maintain and operate a suitable test environment with suitable test data;



  • Strong experience in test automation of APIs and UIs
  • Strong ability with automation tools such as Selenium, JMeter and SOAP UI
  • Confident in database interrogation using SQL



  • Work with team members to deliver the mission whilst observing core values;
  • Work as part of an effective self-organising, cross-functional and disciplined team to achieve repeatable success and recognise that team success is more important than individual success;
  • Contribute to building an environment where continuous improvement of the engineering process is in focus and where everyone’s common goal is to deliver outstanding services as quickly as possible;
  • Actively try to identify areas of improvement and conceptualise methods on how to be more efficient;
  • Be comfortable with change, be able to learn quickly and adapt to new challenges;
  • Share knowledge within the team and actively pursue learning and new skills.