McRitchie Launches Satellite Office (Media Release – 30 September 2014)

30 September 2014

McRitchie Launches Satellite Office


A dynamic new player that helps build successful and cost-effective business teams has entered Australia’s emerging offshoring industry.

With a growing trend in companies recruiting offshore staff, Satellite Office will assist Australian businesses to build their own dedicated teams in the Philippines. Founder and CEO Michael McRitchie explained, purpose-built teams would service clients’ businesses exclusively, tapping into the educated, English-speaking and proven talent pool of the Philippines.

“Satellite Office will save between $40,000 to $70,000 per employee, depending on the role,” Mr McRitchie said. “Execution is focusedon delivering long-term improvements in quality and performance, with the benefit of significant cost savings.”

Satellite Office, based in Australia, has partnered with one of the leading offshore service providers to facilitate clients establishing their own ‘Satellite Office,’ delivering a Full Service Model incorporating serviced office, staff leasing, human resources and support services. Working together they offer an unrivalled partnership in the offshoring space. With extensive business and management experience combined with more than eight years Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry experience, Satellite Office is building highly effective professional teams in Manila, fully integrated into Australian businesses.

“We are passionate about putting our clients in the best possible position to make key operational improvements, lower their cost base, and unlock capital to reinvest in their business.” – Michael McRitchie, Founder &CEO

Satellite Office’s exceptional growth has already been built on a strong and reputable client base across global media (ASX Listed), ecommerce, online education, energy /utilities, sports and leisure, IT managed services, digital marketing agencies, finance, accounting and legal firms. Clients have varied from publicly listed, private, private equity and venture capital backed entities.

The roles recruited are wide and varied and include customer service (across all channels and including inbound and outbound sales), digital/online marketing (across social media, CRM, analytics, SEO/SEM, affiliate marketing), all forms of creative and design (web, graphic and CAD), IT and software development, content management, finance, debt collection, executive assistants and many forms of back-office processing.

Mr McRitchie is the former Managing Director of Centrebet, CEO of DealsDirect, Project Director Omni-Channel at Dick Smith and KPMG senior professional with 10 years international corporate finance and advisory experience.Satellite Office has a strong team boastingsignificant international, business transformation, e-commerce, advisory and broad executive management experience, and is in a unique position to create the optimum offshoring proposition for its clients.

“It’s an exciting time for Australian businesses as they seek to improve their performance and competitive position in an increasingly global and open market,” he added. “We are passionate about putting our clients in the best possible position to make key operational improvements, lower their cost base, and unlock capital to reinvest in their business.”

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For more information please contact:

Michael McRitchie
Chief Executive Officer Satellite

About Satellite Office

Satellite Office is 100% Australian owned and is one of the leading offshoring service providers offering ‘satellite office’ solutions in the Philippines. Satellite Office provides offshoring solutions targeting Australian businesses on building their own dedicated teams in the Philippines. Satellite Office focuses on building and managing tailored solutions together with our commercial partner in the Philippines, with over 8 years of BPO industry experience.

Satellite Office offers a range of Service Options to cater for a client’s specific needs, with the most popular being the Full Service Model, including Serviced Offices, Staff Leasing and Support Services. Founded by the former Managing Director of Centrebet and CEO of DealsDirect, Michael McRitchie, combined with a well-credentialed team, the business has significant experience in offshoring, e-commerce, business restructuring and transformation, managing high growth initiatives and broad international experience.


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