Outsourcing: Call Center is Not the Only Option

Over the past decades, more opportunities are becoming available to the BPO industry in the Philippines, driven by the business need of many enterprises as well as the supply of low cost spaces and labor in the country. In fact, demand for call center seats in Makati, Fort Bonifacio, and Ortigas CBDs alone is higher than ever, as more companies are discovering the benefits of hiring talented Filipinos who have neutral accents and are fluent in English. However, because of the Philippines’ reputation as the call center capital of the world, most companies commit the mistake of assuming that only voice-based and a few related non-voice services could be outsourced. This limits their chance to save on operational costs and reap the numerous benefits of outsourcing.Here are some of the things that companies probably did not know they could outsource:

  • Human Resources: Employee Retention
    Often, companies only outsource recruitment, payroll, and management of benefits in the HR services area. Recently, however, more businesses are looking to outsource more services to an expert firm, especially when it comes to employee retention. With the current economic situation, constant change in business processes, and the constant shift in the way younger employees think, it may be difficult for old businesses to retain their employees. This is why they are turning to an expert HR provider that can create more innovative solutions and methods to retain and reward employees.
  • Healthcare
    With the country’s high supply of nurses and medical professionals as well as its reputation as call center capital of the world, more companies are looking to outsource healthcare services in the Philippines. A large part of this service involves medical transcription, data management, medical coding and billing, and other forms of management, which requires knowledge in the industry and effective communication skills.
  • Marketing and Communications
    Many businesses have outsourced their marketing processes to the Philippines, which function hand-in-hand with their call center operations, including search engine optimization, content, web design, website management, graphics, and other marketing activities. Several companies whose store or business is on the Internet have grown in a span of a few years after establishing operations on the Philippines.

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