HR & Payroll Support Services

Satellite Office provides Human Resources (HR) and Payroll Support Services focused on building a highly effective and successful offshore team. HR and Payroll outsourcing can lessen administrative processes and speed up the firm’s productivity. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, these Support Services are designed to optimise a company’s talent management, reduce administrative costs, and improve overall efficiency. It also simplifies a firm’s transition to a new location like the Philippines as businesses get access to an entire suite of HR and Payroll management services.

From recruitment, employee training, and benefits administration, to legal services (i.e. advice regarding Philippine labour laws) and payroll management, Satellite Office provides effective HR support that help offshoring firms reduce expenditures, reduce risk, and quickly set up a functioning office in the Philippines.

A summary of the HR Support Services are outlined below:

  • Recruitment, selection, and deployment
  • Orientation and training
  • Termination and redundancy control
  • Compensation programs
  • Management and legal reports


A summary of the Payroll Support Services are outlined below:

  • Time and attendance monitoring
  • Payslip generation
  • Government mandated remittances and reports
  • Updated reports on payroll and tax
  • Handling labour management related issues
  • Employer access to employees’ time record

From a recruitment perspective, the Philippines recruitment process is very similar to the process adopted in Australia, however with shorter time-frames between first interview and signing of employment contract. The recruitment and set-up process is outlined below:

  • Together, we will discuss your staffing and recruitment requirements, including understanding the purpose and objectives, the structure of your offshore team, reporting lines and draft the detailed Job Descriptions.
  • Our Recruitment team will source suitable candidates and perform an initial screening process. Following this, we will endorse a range of candidates to you, suitable to be interviewed.
  • You can interview and perform specific testing on the candidates adopting standard interview techniques. Alternatively, Satellite Office can manage the interview and selection process on your behalf.
  • Satellite Office will conduct any required reference checks, manage the finalisation of all employment contractual documents and can also assist in working with you in identifying key performance indicators, and targets.
  • On the IT and infrastructure side, you will work with our IT department to set up the working environment and tools you need to make your offshore team part of your daily workflow.

You will be appointed a key point of contact for the oversight of your offshore team. A key advantage of the Satellite Office ‘Full Service Model’ is that you can fully concentrate on building and operating your business and managing your staff and let Satellite Office take responsibility of the facilities, Serviced Offices, and Support Services.

The HR and Payroll Support Services offered by Satellite Office have a number of unique advantages:

  • Australian and Philippines Based Team

Our Australian and Philippines based team are highly experienced in understanding our client’s business and requirements, with a strong focus on making operational improvements.

  • Focus on Hiring Quality Employees

Our recruitment process is focused on hiring quality employees at competitive rates. Our recruitment and human resource teams are composed of professionals who understand the dynamics of recruiting for offshoring clientele, building highly effective offshore teams.

  • Fast and Smooth Set-Up

Our recruitment process is managed efficiently to set timelines, coordinated with HR related matters in Australia to ensure a smooth implementation. A complete Implementation Plan across your HR, IT, infrastructure and any other requirements are managed on your behalf.

  • Full suite of HR and payroll services

Satellite Office offers a comprehensive set of services that are designed to optimise your talent, reduce costs, and improve process efficiency. On-going HR management, handling labour management related issues, ensuring adherence to Philippine Labour Laws, compliance and payroll services, including all statutory reporting are managed on your behalf.

  • Reduced costs

Through outsourcing your offshore human resources and payroll functions, you can avoid hiring additional people for non-income generating tasks and save on overhead costs.