Smart Solutions for Your Serviced Office Space

Leasing or renting a serviced office in Makati or Fort Bonifacio (Bonifacio Global City) might help your company save money in furnishing and maintaining the space, but it still has its downsides. One of them is having to work with limited space and the absence of control in general office layout, furniture, and design. The good news is that you can still have control over the look of your area or room. We’ll be sharing some tips to help you redesign and personalize your serviced office space so it reflects your company and encourages creativity and productivity in your team.

1. Make sure there is enough light in the room.



Raise your window shades and choose an office that allows lots of sunlight. Natural sunlight allows our eyes to see a wider color spectrum, so we are able to see more details and perform more tasks. This can also reduce headaches, eye strains, and eye fatigue, which are usually caused by artificial lighting in the office.

Tip: Choose a serviced office in green or LEED-certified buildings — these often have energy-efficient systems and layouts which encourage the use of natural light. One example is Satellite Office’s serviced offices in Picadilly Star and Sun Life Centre Bonifacio Global City.

2. Allow your employees to personalize their space



Having a sense of ownership in their workspace gives the employees a sense of belonging in the company, so allow them to bring their own colored coffee mugs, small stuffed toys, and other memorabilia that they want to display on their desks. You can also give them access to the display settings of the computer so that they can display their own preferred wallpapers.

Tip: You can also turn this into a team activity. Encourage your team to work together in designing the office space; it’s also a way to give your office its own personality without the need to spend on interior decorations.

3. Provide break spaces.



Sometimes, your employees need a place where they can get away from the desk and have a change of scenery so they can think better. Lounge areas, casual meeting areas, and other types of communal spaces can help your team relax, become closer, and exchange ideas which can then lead to results for your business.

Tip: When choosing a serviced office space, check if it has well-designed lounges, pantry, or other types of communal spaces which your team can have access to.


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