Social Media Outsourcing in the Philippines

As Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and other social media sites become widely recognized as communication tools for organizations and companies, more businesses are leveraging on their features and benefits to send corporate messages and reach out to their target market and existing clients. These businesses are also trying to find out how to get more from social media — aside from being a messaging board or an advertising or public relations tool, what other value can this medium offer to the business?

This venture is fueling social media outsourcing as more providers create a demand for social media marketing services — services that assist companies in development and implementation of marketing campaigns and generate better data in the process. These providers, many of them start-ups, set up shop in the Philippines to take advantage of the lower operational costs and talented labor force.

The Social Networking Capital of the World

From Friendster to Facebook and Twitter, Filipinos are among the most active users in web-based social network sites. In 2008, a study done by Universal McCann showed that Filipinos are among the most active social media and Internet users, with 90.3% using and reading blogs, 86% sharing content, and 98% watching videos online. Today, there are 30 million Facebook users and 9.5 million Twitter members from the Philippines, showing the Filipino’s high affinity to social media.

Social media marketers are Filipinos

Due to the country’s high level of English proficiency as well as knowledge about the Western culture, it is no surprise that Filipinos are easily able to adapt to the new form of media — some of them even working as part-time, full-time, or freelancers as web content writers, social media marketers, and a lot more. Today, many Filipinos are employed in this industry, particularly communications, marketing, and advertising graduates.

Here are some social media services currently being outsourced or offshored in the Philippines:

Social advertising: Companies have already added separate teams that handle social advertising, which is more focused on understanding consumer behavior and crafting social ads for various platforms that cater to these trends in behavior. Several Filipino graphic artists and advertising majors work as social media campaign managers or specialists to handle companies’ social media marketing campaigns.

Customer service: As the leading contact center hub for voice-based accounts, the Philippines is known for providing top-notch customer service. This is probably why many Filipinos also work in the social media customer service industry, which is similar to the function of a regular customer service agent, except he or she becomes more of a chat support agent for social media networks.

Data: Filipino social media consultants and strategists are also in high demand, particularly those who have backgrounds in search engine optimization. Using SEO and social media hand-in-hand helps companies understand more about the existing data for social media so they can incorporate their social media efforts to search engine marketing and ultimately, get valuable insights for the business.

Content: The Filipino workforce has a rich creative pool, which is why many companies choose to hire Filipino writers, designers, videographers, photographers, and artists for content development.

In case you are thinking of starting your own social media/search engine/internet marketing company, the Philippines is a viable option. Contact Satellite Office to know how you can get started on offshoring or outsourcing to the Philippines.


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