Top Companies Outsourcing to the Philippines

Business process outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines has grown exponentially over the past few years, transforming the country’s business landscape and lifestyle by creating 24-hour cities. More importantly, this phenomenon has created a stronger middle-class due to higher compensation and better work environment provided by top international firms. The rising BPO industry and move of major firms to the country prove that outsourcing, if done correctly, provides several advantages to businesses. Here are some of the top companies that ventured and expanded through outsourcing: (Source: “30 outsourcing billionaires” by

  1. Accenture Inc. (Net Worth: Php17.433 billion)
    With over 35,000 employees, Accenture is the biggest BPO employer in the country. The firm started outsourcing in the country way back in 1992. It is the first Global Resource Center in Manila, with a main facility in Robinson’s Cybergate Tower 2 in Mandaluyong City.
  2. Convergys Phils. Services (Net Worth: Php 11.901 billion)
    Convergys specializes in customer care, human resources, and billing services. The company was a pioneer in the customer management business, setting up call centers at lightning speed. Its first office in the Philippines opened in 2003, with AT&T as its major account. Today, Convergys has 18 established centers handling several accounts from various industries (communications, financial services, technology, and consumer products), with over 26,000 employees.
  3. TeleTech Customer Care Management Phils. Inc. (Net Worth: 9.413 billion) In 2003, TeleTech has just established its presence in the Philippines, providing various BPO solutions that are mainly on customer care management. In a few years, the company quickly grew, hiring over 20,000 employees in the Philippines in 13 different locations in 2010. Currently, TeleTech has operations in over 24 countries with a total of 58 call centers all over the world.

Other companies not included in this list but are worth mentioning are JPMorgan Chase Bank with a net worth of Php8.9 billion and Stream International, Aegis, and Sykes, all with more than Php6 billion net worth. Given the country’s skilled and educated population, it is no wonder that more companies are doing business in the Philippines. In case you wish to know more about the benefits and processes involved in outsourcing jobs to the Philippines, contact Satellite Office today. We can help you ensure a smooth build-operate-transfer process for your business, or help you open a remote office in the country.


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