Matthew Arnold

Manager of Business Development - Philippines

Matthew Arnold’s accomplishments include more than a decade’s worth of experience and sustained success working in Asian markets with a sophisticated Western client base. He has extensive involvement in Sales, Key Account Management, and Customer Service.

After getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Finance in the UK, Matthew left to travel the world before settling onto his career path. This journey led him to China where he spent 12 years honing his skills at one of the largest wealth management firms in Southeast Asia.

Through a highly consultative approach, Matthew is able to quickly understand client needs and provide correct and timely solutions. He always makes it a point to remain heavily engaged at all stages of the client life cycle to ensure objectives are met, goals achieved, and the value/cost ratio is always in the client’s favour.


Offshoring Solutions

Build your dedicated team in the Philippines
Significant cost savings with operational improvements

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