Nikko Tani

Recruitment Manager

Nikko Tani, is a dynamic recruitment specialist with over 14 years’ experience in the Filipino market, and heads up the Satellite Office Recruitment team. He and his staff manage all candidate sourcing and placement across Satellite Office’s client base and works closely with the senior Executive Team, Human Resources and Account Management teams in Sydney and Manila.

Nikko is a perfectionist, internally motivated, service-oriented and goal-driven, all of which are evident in his interactions with clients, his team and candidates. He understands all aspects of the job placement cycle from creating job descriptions, sourcing, endorsing, skills testing, remuneration and contract negotiation and is also well skilled in business development and project management.

He has a strong working knowledge of conceptualising and implementing marketing programs to engage, retain, and entice the very best talents. He is a proficient interviewer in all forms – one on one, phone, video conference, offsite and panel based. He has experience creating recruitment strategies in both corporate and search firm environments, from conceptualisation to implementation and post implementation evaluation, client relations and account management. He maintains a keen interest in industry based research and technical training and has a strong grasp on industry terminologies and practices, including being updated on events in industry forums and communities.


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