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The apparel industry is the heart of the textile business in any country. It is one of the busiest sectors all throughout the year but most especially during the holiday season. 

Because of this, many apparel companies choose to offshore some of their functions, such as Manufacturing and Customer Service, to ensure a more seamless business operation. 

Offshoring has significant benefits for apparel makers. But during the holiday season, specifically, the Christmas Rush, having an offshore team helps you keep up with the demand and ensure that you are on top of your customer’s needs. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are more reasons how apparel businesses can beat the Christmas Rush with offshoring.

apparel business clothing online during christmas rush - Satellite Office offshoring outsourcing services

Improve your Online Presence Through Expert Digital Marketing 

Online shopping is a massive advantage for your apparel business. Not only in the apparel business, but it has also become a staple in other business sectors, specifically during the pandemic.

Your offshore digital marketing team can help your apparel business generate a customised marketing strategy to ace your holiday sale. You can run campaigns for different Buyer Persona Categories, introduce your Christmas Bundle promos, create push notifications, or an interactive digital catalogue.

You will never go behind the digital era with your offshore digital marketing team.

Offer  24/7 Operation to your customers 

Creating and distributing teams worldwide in different time zones allows you to operate around the clock. When it is nighttime on your side of the globe, your offshore team from the other side can continue working to ensure extended support to your customers during Christmas. An offshore team can implement continuous workflow as long as your business processes are streamlined.

With a round-the-clock operation, your company can also offer superior customer service. We all know how busy the world is during Christmas!

Immediate customer support outsourcing services significantly impact businesses. It can boost customer satisfaction and increase customers, leading to substantial positive ROI in a shorter time.

Stand out with Excellent Customer Service

There’s an increase in customer service activity during Christmas. The uptick in inquiries puts enormous pressure on your internal Customer Service team, causing unfilled tickets or unanswered queries. 

Building an offshore Customer Service Team can fill the volume of inquiries. You can pay attention to each of your customers whether they are asking about the price or looking for the perfect present for someone special. It will give them your ultimate goal–an excellent customer experience.

Just make sure to get the workflow and automation ready. Don’t forget that customers are commonly stressed during holidays. Include training on handling these customers, using positive language, and de-escalating any situation.

Lower Cost

Offshoring is always a cost-effective solution. You can save on labour and real estate costs. You can recruit highly skilled team members in countries with low living costs, such as the Philippines. 

You can also take advantage of government incentives. In the Philippines, the government grants tax breaks and financial incentives to businesses boosting their economy. 

Satellite Office is your expert offshoring partner

Satellite Office has a proven track record of assisting businesses to leverage the benefits of outsourcing by building them a dedicated, highly skilled, and cost-efficient offshore team in the Philippines. 

Our tailored offshore outsourcing solutions give businesses full control of their remote team’s productivity, output quality, and targets, while we provide comprehensive support that makes managing offshore employees as simple as possible. Experience a full-service model, including premium facilities, HR, IT infrastructure, account management, and payroll support services, with no hidden fees.

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