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More and more companies are offshoring in the Philippines. In fact, it takes the top spot as the leading offshoring business location in Asia and holds the title, “The BPO Capital of the World” since 2010. And there is one great reason why the Philippines has become an excellent offshoring location. Short answer — the PEOPLE.  

Let’s take a closer look at the Philippine talent pool and why you should start looking for outsource agency Philippines. 

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Large, Highly-Educated Talent Pool

The Philippines has over 100 Million citizens with a young and working population. The country’s universities produce an average of 600,000 graduates every year, boasting a competent and highly educated workforce composed of supervisors, managers, and highly skilled talent.  

When it comes to Philippine global outsourcing, you can offshore almost any role such as Customer Service & Sales, Web Developers, Creative Design & Content, IT, Finance & Accounting, and Digital Marketing. You can also fill roles from entry, mid, or executive levels no matter what your offshore team needs. 

Aside from its diverse, highly skilled pool of talent, the Filipino workforce is known to have a high percentage of degree-qualified professionals, making the Philippines a leading source of talent for any industry. 

Cultural Similarity

Cultural similarity plays a critical role in your offshoring journey. It is a key differentiator on how your organisation will perform. If there’s a gap between your business and your offshore outsourcing solutions team culture, it may lead to possible misunderstanding, confusion, and, worst, your team’s overall performance.

As a former colony of the U.S. and Spain, the Western culture profoundly influences the country from the education system, religion, food, sports, and language.

The Philippines also scores five stars in terms of cultural compatibility with the U.S. from Gartner’s research.

But beyond that, the Philippines and the West have many similarities in terms of doing business. Both focus on growth and profit, performance, and deeply value team members’ efforts to achieve the goal. They are also creative and assertive in exploring ways, solutions, or systems to establish the business.

While diversity matters, these similarities pull everyone as a team and reach a common goal. 


The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country. More than 95% of its population speaks English. 

The Philippines also ranked 18th in the world in the 2021 EF PI ratings (a ranking of 112 countries and regions by English skills). It belongs to the high proficiency band with Switzerland, France, and Poland.

Offshoring success starts with a communication plan. It’s easier if your onshore and offshore teams speak the same language. Filipinos are native English speakers, and there will be no communication barrier with your offshore outsourcing solutions team.

Lastly, Filipinos develop a neutral American accent that works well with Australia, the U.S. UK, and different businesses globally.

Start Your Offshoring in the Philippines Today

The Philippines has made its name one of the best offshoring and business process outsourcing destinations globally. Until today, Filipino talent prove themselves to be valuable offshore outsourcing business partners.  

Ready to start your offshoring with the Philippine talent? Get a free assessment now, and let’s see how we can help. 

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