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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the apparel industry persists and continues to affect the market. Quarantine and physical distancing mandates fueled the contact-free economy, bringing e-commerce and automation to a new level.

In the past few years, eCommerce has become more and more popular. Research shows that the eCommerce market now has a $5.7 trillion value and is expected to grow in the upcoming years. Forecasts indicate that online retail market sales will reach $6.51 trillion through an eCommerce website by 2023.

Many online marketplaces and online boutiques have been launched where apparel companies can showcase and sell their products more accessible. Top US marketplaces include Shein, Macy’s, and Amazon. On the other hand, Ginger & Smart, Double Rainbouu, and Anna Quan have become popular Australian clothing brands and online boutiques.

With the success of these companies, offshoring has become an essential element. They are hiring experts through offshoring from the Technology & Transformation space, such as Digital Marketing, to help them market the products online and IT developers to automate processes and develop platforms.

offshore outsourcing in australia help digitize apparel industry

Here are the ways how offshoring can help you digitise your apparel business.

  1. Going Digital

Brands are now exploring virtual trade shows. A trade show is where industry people meet and showcase their collections and products to potential buyers, whether clothes, footwear, or accessories. This online event attracts exhibitors, buyers, manufacturers, and influencers. As an apparel brand, you can start exploring online trade shows on different online platforms such as EventX, vFairs, and Hexafair. 

Technology can realise your big ideas through 3D software. 3D software involves graphic designing, which enables you to develop and produce 3D graphics and animation. With 3D software, you can save time on your sampling process, improve product quality, and remove the bottleneck of creating and approving physical samples.

Companies are also becoming keen to innovate and improve costs through the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can help you automate processes to connect manufacturers, retailers, and buyers. Whether you want to develop workout clothing that can measure heart rates or outfits that can preserve our skin from pollution, it is now possible with IoT.

You can start digitising your apparel company by offshoring experts from the IT space in the offshoring companies in the Philippines. Build your IT engineering team and start hiring Front end developers, Back-end Developers, or Full Stack Developers who specialise in different technologies such as HTML, PHP, .NET, Ruby, and Java, .ASP, Python, C++, and many more. Consult Satellite Office to identify suitable candidates matching your company’s technology stack. 

  1. Intelligent Planning System

Apparel companies migrating into the digital world developed an intelligent planning system that improves the company’s flexibility and speed. Today, you can invest in 3D designs that optimise the cutting process.  

The 3D design starts with a sketch or concept up to completion. The software provides a simulated 3D space where you can create objects and modify them. Some popular tools for 3D designing include ZBrush, SketchUp, Solidworks, Blender, and Maya. 

With Satellite Office, you can outsource experts who are knowledgeable in utilising these tools. We have an active pool of candidates from Animators, Web, and Graphic Designers, 2D Modelers, CAD Drafters, UI/UX Designers, Content Writers, and Video Editors. These experts can help your company produce compelling content and visual assets. 

  1. Digital Sales and Promotion

Digital Marketing, also called online marketing, allows you to connect to your audience online at the right time and platform. You can leverage digital channels such as websites, social media, search engines, and email, including multimedia and text messages. 

If you plan to enter the eCommerce sector, digital marketing experts will greatly help. Together with website builders, they can assist your buyers in accessing your online store, considering their shopping behaviours. With the 24/7 availability of your site, this is a massive opportunity for your brand to pivot quickly. 

You can also hire Social Media Marketing Managers, CRM Managers, SEO Managers, Content Moderation and Community Managers, Marketing and Analytics Managers, and Email Marketing specialists through offshoring.  With Satellite Office, we can help you fast-track the hiring process and begin your digital apparel journey.

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