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Offshore Outsourcing is not only an effective cost-saving strategy. It is also an effective means to scale your business and acquire highly skilled talent.

Nowadays, there are plenty of outsourcing destinations, but among these countries, the Philippines has become a super region mainly because of its promising talent pool. Read on why the Philippine talent is best for outsourcing and why you should highly consider outsourcing Philippines on your next offshoring project. 

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The Philippines is one of the Top English-proficient Countries

The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, with an average of 60 million English speakers.

English is the second language in the country. It has been the primary medium of instruction in its educational system, from primary schools to universities, since the American colonization. It is also the preceding language in the government, private companies, the legal system, and other sectors, including your offshore outsourcing Philippines team.

We all know that communication is crucial in contact centers and shared services. Thus, your offshoring team members must easily express themselves in English to understand the customers better and deliver their needs. It is also necessary to communicate better with the team — whether there are concerns or during daily operations.  

In addition, the Philippines became one of the best Business Process Outsourcing destinations because of its English fluency.

Filipinos Have a Hardworking and Hospitable Culture

Filipinos are innately hardworking. This may be attributed to a culturally-rooted trait of filial obligation, such as helping family members with their daily needs, supporting a sibling’s education, or helping relatives with health needs. 

Filipinos are also hospitable, making the culture outstandingly distinct. This trademark is known worldwide. When you visit Filipino homes, they often prepare a feast of Filipino cuisine to welcome you. Generally, Filipino families are more than willing to share a delectable menu and their entire home. 

Cultural nuances are an essential aspect of offshore staffing. Both onshore and offshore teams should understand how their culture differs, including their customers. Thus, these Filipino traits are a great fit for an offshoring workplace. Filipinos can quickly adapt to the needs of the business. By nature, they do what is required, no matter how challenging. Hospitality also boosts customer retention and encourages positive customer reviews.

You Get a Significant Cost Advantage

Along with a great pool of talent, the number one driver of outsourcing to the country is its significant cost advantage. The Philippines has a lower operating cost, typically half or a third of most Western countries, that’s why companies can save on their labour costs. In addition, most offshoring companies offer modern office spaces, saving the client from infrastructure and facilities expenditures

Satellite Office is Your Expert Offshoring Partner

Satellite Office, a leading offshore outsourcing company in the Philippines has a proven track record of assisting businesses to leverage the benefits of outsourcing by building them a dedicated, highly skilled, and cost-efficient offshore team in the Philippines.

Our tailored offshore outsourcing solutions give businesses full control of their remote team’s productivity, output quality, and targets, while we provide comprehensive support that makes managing offshore employees as simple as possible. Experience a full-service model, including premium facilities, HR, IT infrastructure, account management, and payroll support services, with no hidden fees.

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