How to Address Australia's Tech Talent Shortage

How to Address Australia's Tech Talent Shortage

As the country gets the pandemic under control, Australian businesses are looking into investing more on digitisation and technology. With the demand for tech jobs expected to surge until 2025, the country will be needing 156,000 new tech workers to sustain economic growth, as reported by Deloitte and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Filling these roles has now become critical to help businesses and the economy regain momentum. However, the tech talent shortage poses a great threat on the country’s economic recovery.


The shortage in qualified talent is not the only challenge that businesses are facing. The tech skills gap is pushing IT salaries up, leading to a significant increase in business operational costs.

Outsourcing is the way to go

A significant number of Australian companies opt to outsource some of their business processes to Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India and China to obtain a suitable workforce, and, at the same time, save on costs. However, the Philippines remains the first choice for many, including prominent Australian companies such as ANZ, Jetstar, Salmat, Telstra, and Macquarie.

The Philippine tech & digital talent pool

The literacy rate in the Philippines is an astounding 94%. This number is expected to increase with the country recently adopting the K-12 program which is patterned after the education system in the United States and parts of Australia. Even better news for the Australian tech industry, the Philippines churns out roughly 77,000 Information and Technology graduates and 76,000 Engineering and Technology graduates every year.

Outsourcing your tech role requirements to the Philippines is a viable solution for both tech talent shortage and rising operational costs. Building a highly skilled team of outsourced tech professionals can help businesses elevate their operations and reduce costs at the same time.

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