Retail Heavyweights Paul Greenberg and Michael McRitchie join forces

Retail Heavyweights Paul Greenberg and Michael McRitchie join forces

Two Australian retail heavyweights have reunited with NORA Network founder Paul Greenberg appointed as Brand Ambassador and Strategic Adviser of Michael McRitchie’s Satellite Office.

The pair previously worked alongside each other at DealsDirect, a company Greenberg founded in 2004 and grew into Australia’s largest e-commerce website. Greenberg appointed McRitchie CEO of DealsDirect in 2012 to assist with the restructuring process.

I am very excited to be working with Paul again and continuing our focus in the Australian retail industry as well as small to medium and high growth businesses.

Satellite Office is a business built by a retailer for retail… We pride ourselves on understanding the business, objectives and challenges of our clients and provide a tailored staffing team that delivers both operational improvements as well as significant cost savings, ” Mr. McRitchie said.

Satellite Office which rocketed into 28th spot on the AFR’s Fast Starters 2017 list, is a premium offshoring solutions provider, partnering with clients to establish, build and manage a dedicated team to suit their business requirements.

Based in Australia and the Philippines the innovative business model, which is now in its fifth year, delivers significant annual cost savings to clients of between $40,000 to $90,000 per staff member, depending on the role.

This exclusive partnership will give the Australian owned company the opportunity to leverage from Greenberg’s experience and network.

A major focus of the NORA Network over the last few years has been on what I term the ‘flat world’ opportunity, and in particular, cross border trade.

An often missing part of the conversation though is how Australian businesses can tap into global talent, with deep cost and productivity efficiencies… So when Michael offered me an advisory board position, I jumped at it, ” said Mr. Greenberg.

It will be the pair’s second venture into offshore solutions, with Greenberg and McRitchie transitioning DealsDirect’s customer care, digital marketing and design, IT development, merchandise support and finance functions to the Philippines in 2012.

Whilst the cost benefits were significant, the real benefit was the vast improvement in performance, resulting in the new Philippines team winning Canstar Blue Awards for Customer Experience, three years running, ” Mr Greenberg said.

Greenberg has a small portfolio of advisory board roles outside of the NORA Network.

About Satellite Office

Satellite Office is a premium staff offshoring solutions provider, partnering with our clients to successfully establish, build and manage a dedicated team to suit their business requirements, in the Philippines.

Our unique business model provides our clients with:

  • Significant cost savings of between $40,000 to $90,000 per person, depending on the role
  • Access to talent in the Philippines, recruited to meet their specific business requirements,across multiple disciplines
  • Flexible options from 2 staff to in excess of 100, with flexibility to scale up and down
  • Comfort that you are dealing with an Australian owned company
  • Execution focused on delivering quality and performance improvements

About the NORA Network

NORA is an influential business network providing a fresh outlook and a balanced, optimistic view of New Retail in Australia. Their membership community is made up of a wide range of businesses – small to large pure-play and multichannel retailers, multi-nationals, as well as service and solution providers.

It helps its members improve their business performance through the sharing of best practice and a range of unique, educational, and hands-on events. Its community is a great place for retailers to network with their peers and for solution providers to share thought leadership and support the New Retail ecosystem.