SO-LEAD – Future-proofing your team through Learning & Development

SO-LEAD – Future-proofing your team through Learning & Development

The impact of the pandemic has fast-tracked the future of work. SO-LEAD is here to help upskill and develop your teams, making them more equipped to tackle the changing environment your business operates in.

SO-LEAD: Initiatives
Welcome aboard! New Satellite Office employees now have an easier and more convenient onboarding experience, thanks so SO-LEAD Initiatives. The new platform is made available for new hires to serve as a one-stop-shop for their onboarding process.

SO Lead Initiatives

SO-LEAD Initiatives aim to make new employees feel welcomed and help them adjust to their new role and team with ease. The launch of this platform also aims to address the need to transition to a virtual employee onboarding process due to the ongoing pandemic. New employees who are working from home can still have an engaging new hire experience through SO-LEAD Initiatives, where they can find the details about New Hire Orientation schedules, SO Directory, SO Site Map, and Welcome Messages from SO Management, their clients, and managers.

Planning your development
The annual performance review aims to measure each employee’s progress and development according to personal and company goals. SO-LEAD Development has made this process easier by providing a platform where all staff and managers can keep track and review annual individual and team performances.

Aside from performance reviews, staff and managers are expected to accomplish their development plans and goal settings for the next year at the start of the new fiscal year.

SO Lead Dev

Learning never ends with SO-LEAD
With instant access to eLearing courses that cover topics across different career specific skills, enhancing yourself for future success is only a click away. Plan your career destination and take control of your own skill development through SO-LEAD Learn.


After the successful launch of Satellite Office’s new learning and development platform in June, SO staff has been consistently enriching themselves through SO-LEAD Learn. The staff were challenged to cultivate growth by taking the Continuous Learning course in the platform and also get rewarded for each course completed.