Winning the Battle for Top Talent During a Pandemic

Winning the Battle for Top Talent During a Pandemic

The prolonged lockdown in Melbourne and other parts of Australia has paved the way for a mass shift to remote working. Due to this fundamental change in work practices, HR and Recruitment teams have had to realign talent acquisition strategies and technologies to adjust to this period of uncertainty.  

Whilst remote working has promoted business continuity amidst the lockdown, it has also opened a can of worms. The removal of geographical barriers means local employees now have more options on where to work and who to work for, making hiring and retaining talent even more challenging for businesses. Border closures, which put skilled migration on hold, are also exacerbating this issue. 

So how can you win the war for talent in this period of uncertainty?  

As the war for talent continues during this period of uncertainty, businesses have started to look for new ways of filling the skills gap. Outsourcing is a strategic direction that many companies take to gain access to highly qualified talents overseas.  

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an evolution in the range of roles being outsourced in areas of IT & Software Development, Finance and Back Office Support, Marketing, and Sales and Customer Service. Businesses opting to outsource have also become more diverse. More technology providers, retailers, eCommerce businesses, utilities, freight and logistics, financial and professional services, as well as newer industry disruptors are now hiring outsourced staff to integrate with their local teams.  

Apart from filling in the talent gap, outsourcing also presents more operational benefits. It equips businesses with the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. It offers significant cost-savings without compromising on quality hires. Ultimately, outsourcing allows businesses to future-proof their operations.  

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