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With extensive experience in outsourcing roles for specialised industries, we can help you build a dedicated team in the Philippines

Highly skilled offshore talent with experience in your industry.

We are more than a service provider – We aim to forge strong client partnerships, have a deep and intimate understanding of our clients’ operations, and design an outsourcing strategy that addresses specific business requirements.

We are highly consultative, quick to respond to our client’s changing needs, and are with them in every stage of their offshore outsourcing journey.

Find out how Satellite Office can support you by recruiting and managing industry-experienced Filipino professionals for all relevant roles and levels of specialisation you require.

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Satellite Office is a premium offshore services provider offering superior levels of service across our end-to-end solution. We have experienced cross-cultural management team composed of Filipinos and expatriates with years of experience in the BPO industry as well as dealing with foreign clients and businesses of all scales. We always keep communication lines open and ensure transparency in all processes, so our clients are continually up-to-date and informed about their business operations in the Philippines.

In addition, Satellite Office is the only known provider with highly skilled and experienced management teams based permanently in Australia, the US and the Philippines.

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Outsourcing for Tech, Telco & Digital Services Industries.

Companies globally have been looking at offshore outsourcing to control their costs and help them streamline their information technology, telco and digital projects requirements. At Satellite Office, we have extensive experience in sourcing and hiring exceptionally talented software developers, IT professionals, and project managers in the Philippines for a fraction of the cost of local markets.

Outsourcing for the Financial Services & Lending Industry.

Outsourcing provides Financial Services & Lending businesses with the ability to grow in an ever-evolving digital environment whilst keeping absolute cybersecurity. Achieve a more secure service, greater digital footprint and higher customer retention rates.

Satellite Office works with Financial Services & Lending firms to recruit industry-experienced Filipino professionals for all relevant roles – including financial experts, cybersecurity and IT, customer service and digital marketing specialists.

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Outsourcing for the Retail & eCommerce Industry.

The global economic disruption, strong industry competition, and shifting consumer demands are forcing Retail & eCommerce businesses to evolve. Offshore outsourcing is a practical solution to help retailers transform their business and adapt.

Satellite Office’s premium outsourcing solutions aim to support Retail & eCommerce business growth by helping retailers find the right outsourced talent.

Outsourcing for the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry.

Due to flourishing eCommerce sales, the Logistics & Supply Chain industry is currently facing immense pressure to deliver outstanding services at greater speed and lower costs.

Satellite Office’s flexible offshore outsourcing solutions enable Logistics & Supply Chain businesses to quickly respond to supply chain disruptions and improve business scalability, capacity, capability, and resilience, with significant cost-savings.

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Automotive Industry Business Outsourcing - Satellite Office Staff Leasing Philippines

Outsourcing for the Automotive Industry.

The Automotive industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation driven by automation, connectivity, digitisation, and consumer demand.

Outsourcing provides Automotive businesses with an effective vehicle to spur innovation, optimise processes, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Satellite Office partners with Automotive companies to fuel growth and expansion, maximise business efficiency and drive down operating costs.

Outsourcing for the Construction & Engineering Industry.

Globalisation and technological advancements are changing the Construction & Engineering sector. Outsourcing enables Construction & Engineering firms to respond quickly to shifting market demands and seamlessly integrate strategy and technology to thrive in an evolving industry.

Satellite Office can help recruit industry-experienced Filipino professionals for all relevant roles – including Drafting, Project Management, Engineering, Back Office Support, and Finance.

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Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your offshore staff leasing requirements

What services can be outsourced or offshored to the Philippines?

The Philippines is the leading contact centre hub in the world because of the Filipinos’ strong proficiency in English. However, the Philippines is also a global leader in a wide variety of other knowledge-based disciplines, processes and tasks, taking advantage of the country’s talented population and low labour costs. These include roles across all areas of Customer Service, Sales and Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, Design and Content Management, IT and Development, as well as Finance and Back Office Processing.

How do I ensure that the employees possess the skills and attitude needed for the job?

Our highly experienced and specialised offshore recruitment team use a great combination of established recruitment processes together with new and advanced cloud-based recruitment tools, including video interviews and selective skills-based testing. This allows us to effectively screen the employees we are hiring and evaluate if it matches the client requirements. The clients are also involved in the interview and selection processes to ensure that all employees hired are a great fit for any given position. Our recruitment process also includes conducting a thorough character reference check.

Can I cancel the staff leasing service if the process is completed & there isn't a suitable candidate?

To date, clients have not had trouble in finding the employee they need in the Philippines. However, in case this occurs, clients would only be invoiced once a candidate has successfully signed an employment contract (with the client’s final approval) and they start employment.

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