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Outsourcing is an excellent option for franchise organisations as it allows businesses to expand in a financially viable way without sacrificing customer service or profit margins. Recruit and retain professionals and optimise franchise efforts. Satellite Office works with franchise organisations to recruit industry-experienced Filipino professionals for all relevant roles – including back office support, finance and digital marketing.


How franchise organisations can benefit from outsourcing

Outsourcing provides franchise organisations with the flexibility, adaptability, and resilience to grow in a highly dynamic business environment. Satellite Office’s premium outsourcing solutions aim to improve operational efficiencies to support franchise organisation growth. A dedicated professional team in the Philippines can help your business to:

Shift focus on scaling and growing your business

Achieve operational efficiency

Reduce operational costs by up to 72%

Access the latest digital technology

Enhance customer support

Enter new markets

Back office support


Digital marketing


Find premium talent

for your franchise organisation

Satellite Office can recruit and manage industry-experienced professionals across all areas of your franchise organisation.


Franchise outsourcing solutions that drive growth

Leverage the benefits of outsourcing to stimulate business growth for your franchise organisation.

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Frequently asked questions

How can outsourcing help my business?

Satellite Office partners with many franchise organisations globally. Our partners benefit from all of the following:

  • shift focus on scaling and growing your business
  • achieve operational efficiency
  • reduce operational costs by up to 72%
  • get access to the latest digital technology in order to compete
  • enhance customer support
  • enter new markets.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing gives your business access to experienced English-speaking professionals with up to 72% in cost savings. Satellite Office helps build dedicated offshore teams that are flexible and integrate seamlessly with your onshore teams, helping your business operate faster and more efficiently, with less overhead costs.

How does Satellite Office help find the right staff for my role?

Satellite Office offers a consultative account management approach to outsourcing, which means that we partner with you through every stage of the outsourcing process. We help refine your role and then vet the highest quality candidates that perfectly match your business and open position. Our support doesn’t stop when your recruitment is delivered; we continue to nurture and manage the selected staff to ensure high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

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