What We Do

What We Do

Premium Talent For Your Business

  • Satellite Office provides premium offshore staffing solutions for small to medium sized businesses, partnering with them to build their own dedicated teams in the Philippines.
  • Effective from 1 staff to 100+ teams, with flexibility to scale up or down, execution is set on delivering improvements in quality and performance.
  • Our offshore solutions model suits positions across customer service, lead generation, digital marketing, IT & software development, design, content management, finance and back office processing.
  • Annual cost savings of between $40,000 to $90,000 per person
  • Areas of Expertise

Customer Service & Sales

Customer Service & Sales

The Philippines is the world’s leading customer service hub for outsourcing companies, servicing global businesses from the US, Europe, UK and Australia.

IT & Software Development

IT & Software Development

The Philippines outsourcing industry is a global leader in providing IT and Software Development skill sets.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Highly experienced digital marketing specialists, social media experts, CRM and SEO/SEM are available to maximise your business potential.

Creative and Design

Creative and Design

From website layouts, graphic and web design, to the creation of marketing collaterals, videos, and advertisements, as well as CAD skill sets.

Content Management

Content Management

Satellite Office can assist clients establish their own creative Content Management team in the Philippines, accessing the broad BPO talent pool available covering a range of functions.

Finance & Back Office

Finance & Back Office

There is a wealth of talented, qualified finance professionals as well as other back office disciplines available across a broad range of functions.

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Customer Service & Sales

The Philippines is the world’s leading customer service hub, servicing global businesses from the US, Europe, UK and Australia

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IT & Software Development

The Philippines is a global leader in providing IT and Software Development skill sets. Satellite Office has the expertise to manage all IT related functions for your business.

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Digital Marketing

Years of experience and a team of digital marketing specialists/social media managers who can help clients build their own digital marketing team.

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Creative and Design

From website layouts, graphic and web design, to the creation of marketing collaterals, videos, and advertisements as well as CAD skill sets.

  • Pricing

  • Timing

'All-Inclusive' Annual Summary Cost Comparison (AUD)

Savings vary from $40K to $90K per person, depending on the role 



Customer Service Team

Customer Service Manager $39,614 $125,500 $85,886
Team Leader $25,741 $85,550 $59,809
Senior Customer Service Operator $21,868 $68,075 $46,207
Customer Service Operator $20,184 $62,250 $42,066

Outbound Sales

Team Leader - Outbound Sales $27,425 $91,375 $63,950
Outbound Sales Consultant $21,868 $68,075 $46,207

Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing Manager $46,660 $137,650 $90,990
Affiliate Manager $29,951 $108,850 $78,899
SEO / PPC Manager $33,318 $108,850 $75,532
Social Media Manager $28,267 $79,725 $51,458

Creative Design & Content

Web Designer $29,951 $91,375 $61,424
Graphic Designer $24,899 $85,550 $60,651
Copywriter $24,899 $68,075 $43,176

IT & Software Development

Development Team Leader $46,790 $132,150 $85,360
Business Analyst $31,634 $108,850 $77,216
Web Developer $34,160 $108,850 $74,690
Testing Anlayst $29,951 $79,725 $49,774
IT Help Desk Support - Level 2 $26,583 $85,550 $58,967
IT Help Desk Support - Level 1 $22,878 $68,075 $45,197

Finance & Back Office Processing

Finance Team Leader $27,425 $91,375 $63,950
Finance Officer $22,878 $68,075 $45,197
Collections Officer $21,531 $62,250 $40,719
Merchandising Assistant $21,531 $61,085 $39,554
Executive Assistant $22,036 $73,900 $51,864

1. The total cost for the Philippines based Leased Staff is an all-inclusive fee including 2 components, being the Direct Costs as well as the Monthly Solution Fee:
- Satellite Office does not include any mark-up for the Direct Costs. These costs include Gross Salary, Mandatory 13th Month Pay, Private Medical
Insurance and Employer Statutory Costs.
- The Monthly Solution Fee includes the provision of the complete Managed Solution, including Serviced Office, Staff Leasing, IT Support, HR,
Payroll and other Support Services.
2. The total cost for the Australian based staff is the direct costs of employment, including Salary, Superannuation, Payroll Tax, Workers Compensation and other
direct costs of employment.

Estimated timing is provided below. Timing is mostly governed by the recruitment process which is a similar process you would expect in Australia. A shorter timeframe can be achieved if desired.


Commence recruitment process
Advertise, prepare candidate 'Long List', conduct first interviews


Conduct 2nd interviews


Letter of Offer and finalise terms of employment


Notice period (standard)


Set up of client secure office and facilities
Performance in parallel


Commence cost savings and operational improvements


Looking to Lower Your Operating Costs?

Offshoring can help you lower your operating costs with annual savings of up to $90,000 per employee. Get an in-depth assessment and find out more about the cost-saving options you can expect.

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Why Satellite Office

  • Annual cost savings of $40K to $90K per person
  • Premium Filipino talent recruited to suit your requirements
  • Flexible options from 1 staff to 100+
  • Execution focused on delivering performance improvements
  • Australian business with proven track record

“Satellite Office provides an exceptional level of service. We'd be more than happy to recommend Satellite Office to any organisation looking to develop an offshore capability.”

- Michael (Client) - IT Consulting Company

 Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Satellite Office

  • Why choose Satellite Office?

    Satellite Office is a premium offshore services provider offering superior levels of service across our end-to-end solution. We have experienced cross-cultural management team composed of Filipinos and expatriates with years of experience in the BPO industry as well as dealing with foreign clients and businesses of all scales. We always keep communication lines open and ensure transparency in all processes, so our clients are continually up-to-date and informed about their business operations in the Philippines.

    In addition, Satellite Office is the only known provider with highly skilled and experienced management teams based permanently in both Australia and the Philippines.

  • What sets Satellite Office apart from other offshoring companies in the Philippines?

    We provide highly consultative outsourcing services to our clients and take a partnership approach. Our unique value proposition begins with our Account Management presence in Sydney which helps us to deliver a personal, 'hand holding' approach to our clients which continues through the life of the client. The Sydney Team is headed up by Michael, who brings a high level of business expertise and change management experience having headed up both public and private companies. Our team in Manila is led by Jeff Blake, a highly experienced senior executive having worked for over 17 years in the BPO Philippines / offshoring sector. Jeff is responsible for all operations and support services performed in Manila for Satellite Office. This combination of highly experienced senior executive talent in Australia and the Philippines provides a strong point of difference to other outsourcing companies.

    In addition, our specialised offshore recruitment professionals aim to recruit the best talent for any given role at the agreed budget. Our approach is to partner with our clients, by understanding their business and talent requirements, across technical and non-technical roles, to build their own teams sourced from a highly experienced, English speaking, and university educated talent pool. Each person we endorse for processing has been finely screened to match the client’s specific needs and our in-depth research of the Philippines outsourcing talent market. We focus on quality, and efficiency, continuously communicating with all points of contact to ensure that hires are not only the best fit for the job specification, but are also a great cultural match for our client, maximising the opportunity for them to contribute towards the growth and success of our clients.

    Our on-going quality of services and operations also ensures an above industry average for client and staff retention. Satellite Office invests considerable time and resources into creating an exceptional work environment, both within our facilities as well as extra activities and engagement outside of the work environment.

  • About Satellite Office Offshoring Process

  • Is there a minimum term required under the Full Service Model?

    Yes. Minimum term is 6 months. Some of our clients choose to sign longer term agreements to enjoy improved terms

  • How do I communicate with my Leased Staff?

    Satellite Office provides your quality outsourced staff with PCs, soft phones, headsets and webcams, with optional hard desk phones. You will be able to contact your remote staff via telephone or engage in a video conference with your Leased Staff through Skype or other video conferencing options.

  • How can I efficiently manage my team?

    The most effective method in managing a remote staff is treating them as part of your team. This is as simple as regular communication via Skype, email or instant chat, as well as including the team on company communications. Filipino staff are highly committed and effective and place high emphasis on team culture. This can also include facilitating local social interaction on a semi-regular basis. Our team will support you in this process.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of Leased Staff members I can hire through Satellite Office?

    There is no minimum or maximum number of Leased Staff team members you can hire through Satellite Office. The model is effective with a team from as little as 1 staff and upwards to very large teams in excess of 100 staff, with flexibility to scale up and down.

  • What will Satellite Office provide my team?

    Satellite Office provides your remote staff with a high-quality working and office environment, including the latest technology, ultra-modern and premium office facilities in prime CBD locations in either Makati or Bonifacio Global City, with the latest desktops, business-grade broadband, and a host of productivity tools.

  • About Risks in Offshoring

  • How do I ensure that the employees possess the skills and attitude needed for the job?

    Our highly experienced and specialised offshore recruitment team use a great combination of established recruitment processes together with new and advanced cloud-based recruitment tools, including video interviews and selective skills-based testing. This allows us to effectively screen the employees we are hiring and evaluate if it matches the client requirements. The clients are also involved in the interview and selection processes to ensure that all employees hired are a great fit for any given position. Our recruitment process also includes conducting a thorough background check.

  • Can I cancel the staff leasing service if the process is completed & there isn't a suitable candidate?

    To date, clients have not experienced difficulty in finding the employee they need in the Philippines. However, in case this occurs, clients would only be invoiced once a candidate has successfully signed an employment contract (with the client’s final approval) and they commence employment.

  • How does Satellite Office protect intellectual property?

    The following issues are key to intellectual property:

    • Creation: The employment contract explicitly states that all work created by your Leased Staff while performing their duties are taken to be your exclusive property.
    • Protection: Satellite Office has a range of physical, systems based and contractual protection mechanisms to protect your intellectual property by preventing theft or breaches in confidentiality. Satellite Office maintains a highly secure work environment monitored by security personnel, including Biometric access, Employee ID and proximity cards as well as additional security measures. There is also a Data Protection Policy which all Leased Staff are obligated to follow.
  • How can my Leased Staff securely deliver finished work?

    Your Leased Staff only take direction from you in relation to their day-to-day tasks. You need to instruct them and direct them in this regard. In relation to security, we can assist you achieve a highly secure work environment, in a similar way to your local office, or in many instances an improvement on this. If required, clients are also able to establish a virtual private network (VPN) to our office.

  • In the event of a system failure, is Satellite Office under obligation to fix the system?

    Satellite Office provides full system backup and 24/7 IT support from our central NOC, which covers provision of emergency power, redundant internet connection, and other amenities necessary for business operations. This provision is included in our client proposal and agreement.

  • About Benefits and Termination

  • What is the total cost for the Leased Staff?

    The total cost for the Leased Staff is an all-inclusive fee including 2 components, being the Direct Leased Staff Costs as well as the Monthly Solution Fee:

    1. Satellite Office does not include any mark-up or generate any fees for the Direct Leased Staff Costs. These costs include Gross Salary, Mandatory 13th Month Pay, Private Medical Insurance and Employer Statutory Costs. These costs can also include optional staff bonuses, or the provision for a free lunch.
    2. The Monthly Solution Fee includes the provision of the complete Managed Solution, including Serviced Office, Staff Leasing, IT Support, HR, Payroll and other support services.

    Significant cost savings of between $35,000 to $85,000 are achieved per person, depending on the role, compared to the Australian equivalent

  • Is it possible to provide a medical benefit for the employees?

    Yes. Aside from the government-mandated Philhealth contribution, Satellite Office provides an additional healthcare insurance for all employees as well as dependents where approved. The cost for the health cover for the employee only is approximately PHP 1,000 (AUD $26) a month.

  • What will happen if after several months we don't want an employee because of the quality of his work?

    In a Philippine BPO company, staff generally have a 6-month Probationary Period. During this period, there are evaluation pit-stops on the 3rd and 5th months of employment. Satellite Office will assist in ensuring performance evaluation is managed in accordance with the local labour code by providing proof and necessary documents.

    The 5th month will be the deciding month to confirm the status of the employee into a regular post. If a termination occurs during the 6-month period, employers are required to provide a 1-month notice period, unless there is a just cause (defined under the labour code).

    However, for regularised BPO employees with more than 6 months tenure, employers will need to provide 1-month notice and severance pay equivalent to years of tenure (i.e. 1-month x years of service). Unless there is a justifiable ground for termination and due process is covered as per labour law.

Offshoring Solutions

Build your dedicated team in the Philippines
Significant cost savings with operational improvements

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